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I have always been fascinated with the idea that the only difference between somebody who is Un-employed and somebody who is Self-employed, is a change of mind and posture. I changed my mind once and have never looked back. I have been self-employed for most of my adult life.

Imagine if every Un-employed person in the country could wake up one morning and find the courage to change their mind?

I am not suggesting that every human is cut out to be a Bill Gates or Richard Branson. Most will find it tricky building a company that can employ even ten people. I see a sea of cottage industries... people manufacturing and selling on a small scale, directly into their local communities, to live day-to-day and feed their families. A person who can feed their family is far happier than one who is Un-employed. And it is a solution to the challenge of "Job Creation" in a world where jobs are clearly not being created as fast as people seem to need them.

All of my material is aimed at supporting these people who have the courage to change their minds.

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Melanie the Entrepreneur

Considering the statistic that 96% of start-ups fail, any Entrepreneur with twenty years longevity must know a few things. I have iterated and changed my business with changing times to survive through challenging economies for more than two decades.

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Melanie the Manufacturer

I started my first business in 1993, selling clothing at markets in Johannesburg. During this time I manufactured and sold thousands of garments at Rosebank, Bruma and Irene markets. In 2001-2008 I sold high end custom textile finishes to the local Fashion industry for designers like Marianne Fassler, Black Coffee and Stoned Cherrie. In 2005 I had finishes in six collections at SA Fashion Week.

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Melanie the Author

I have published two glossy craft books with Metz Press since 2010. Contemporary Dyecraft has a Canadian publication with Firefly Publishers as well as a small print run in Russia. My second book, 50 Silk Scarves, is also available through Stackpole Books in North America.

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I have self-published more than twenty eBooks about textile crafts and small business and you can view them all at this link...

Melanie the Trainer

“See, Melanie, this is why so many people love you.  I would never have thought of that.  Not in a million years!  Like seriously, your brain operates on such an insanely off-the-charts level.  Thank you so much!!!!!!” Sue Turner, Fashion Designer

“Working with Melanie over the past few years has been an incredible experience. I have been privileged to learn first hand not only dye and print techniques but also the fundamentals of colour and the science behind dye. Melanie has taught me to fall in love with the process as much as the finished product and has been a role model in business development.” Joel Janse Van Vuuren